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BGMI Ban Update in India: Anuj Tandon’s departure from KRAFTON India may delay BGMI Unban

BGMI Ban Update in India: Anuj Tandon's departure from KRAFTON India may delay BGMI Unban

BGMI Ban Update in India: Anuj Tandon’s departure from KRAFTON India may delay BGMI Unban- Despite releasing one of the most successful mobile Battle Royales, KRAFTON’s struggle in India continues. Their PUBG Mobile game got banned by the Indian government in 2020 and the company had to relaunch the game as Battlegrounds Mobile India later next year.

But this Indian version also got removed from Google Play Store and Apple App Store in July 2022. This time also, the game was banned by the Indian government under the violation of Section 69A of the Information Technology Act, 2000.

While many fans and popular streamers have been waiting for BGMI’s unban, another latest development hints that not everything is okay. Anuj Tandon, KRAFTONย Indiaโ€™s Head of Corporate Development and Investments, has announced his departure from the game company next week.

BGMI Ban Update in India: Anuj Tandon’s departure from KRAFTON India may delay BGMI Unban

He was a part of the company for about 1.9 years and played a crucial role in its expansion. Anuj had helped BGMI gain its popularity back among Indian fans and also helped the game develop a thriving esports scene in the country. Along with his team, Anuj helped KRAFTON attract investments worth INR 1100 crores ($135 million). His departure at this crucial time will raise alarms among the BGMI community.

Previously, popular content creators like sc0ut and MortaL had stated that BGMI’s unban might take time but it will happen in the future. But now, BGMI’s hopes of returning to India are slowly fading. It has been nearly four months since its ban and there is no further update for the moment from either the government or KRAFTON.

Now with Anuj stepping down next month, there are speculations that its unban might be delayed. Anyways, BGMI’s current situation as well as its future looks grim.

Stay tuned to get the latest updates for more mobile and PC games.

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