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BGMI and PUBG Mobile 2.0: Football Stadium in Livik Map and Further New Locations added


Battlegrounds Mobile India is bringing a lot of exciting changes and fun elements in its next update. In the upcoming BGMI and PUBG Mobile 2.0 Beta update, Livik 2.0 was released from beta, introducing a slew of new features (models:- Modified houses, New Vehicle, Modified Trees, and Fields). One new vehicle has been added to PUBG Mobile Version 2.0. This car is one-of-a-kind for the Livik 2.0 handbook, and it is the most unusual vehicle in it. It also has four seats and appears to be a UAZ Including Football Stadium on Livik Map.

Changes in Livik Map

  1. New location added in PUBG mobile BGMI 2.0 update in Livik map.

  • Refinery
  • East port
  • Blomster
  • Stable
  • Iceboy
  • Midstern
  1. New vehicle only for Livik: UTV truck monster truck has been removed 110 max speed.
  2. A loot zone in Livik with too much loot at 1 location this would be a hot drop on new Livik.
  3. An archer is also going to add in BGMI. We don’t have any much details about it so we will update more details about it.
  4. The most recent update In the 2.0 update, a Football court may be played with cheer park participants. Players must utilise their character to play. More details on the photos.

Battlegrounds Mobile India has been released last year in July. And the map Livik has been in its BETA state even before that. After a long time, the users will be getting the official and final version of this small battle royale map. PUBG Mobile developers surely took their time to complete this map. This update is surely something the players have been waiting for. And now finally it is happening. Make sure to stay tuned with us for future updates. Football Stadium in Livik Map

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