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Bellatron Ace Wins PMPL Indo S2 Ladies, Qualifies For PMPL S2: Sea Ladies

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Bellatron Ace became the champion of PMPL Indonesia Season 2 Ladies and Qualified for PMPL season 2: SEA ladies.

After the success of first PMPL Id Ladies Tournament, Tencent games brought PMPL Sea Ladies Tournament for all the female players across SEA Region. PMPL season 2: SEA Ladies contain female teams from Indonesia, Thailand & Vietnam.

Format & Schedule –

The finals of the PMPL Season 2 : SEA Ladies will take place on 5th -6th September 2020. PMPL SEA ladies will consist top 4 teams from PMPL Season 2: Indonesia Ladies. Top 3 teams + 1 fan favourite team from PMPL season 2 : Thailand Ladies and top 4 teams from PMPL Season 2: Vietnam ladies.

PMPL Season 2: Indonesia Ladies 

Bellatron Ace (female division of Bigetron Esports) became the Champion of PMPL season 2: Indonesia ladies and won RP25,000,000 ($1693). Alter Ego Dione, Aerowolf Zoo & BOOM Siren also Qualified for PMPL Season 2 : SEA Ladies.

PMPL Season 2: Thailand Ladies 

After the 3 days battle LITTLEGROOT EUFROSINE emerged as the winner of PMPL season 2: Thailand Ladies. Kog Angles and The Infinity ladies got the second & third place respectively and Qualified for PMPL season 2: SEA Ladies.

PMPL season 2: Vietnam Ladies –

PMPL season 2: Vietnam Ladies will take place on 30/08/2020 . Top 4 teams will Qualify for PMPL season 2: SEA Ladies.

The ladies only tournament will encourage the ever changing PUBG Mobile esports scene. Though, it seems that ladies only tournament could be permanently placed globally in  PUBG Mobile pro league format .

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