Battlefield 2042 is Free for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Subscribers till this Date

Battlefield 2042 is Free for Xbox under Free Play Days offer
Battlefield 2042 is Free for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Subscribers till this Date

Xbox Live users will be able to play Battlefield 2042 for free this weekend under the Free Play Days offer. The new shooter from DICE was released in November and has already seen significant discounts. Following a bumpy launch packed with problems and inadequate content, Battlefield 2042 received a harsh response from both fans and critics. DICE has already released a number of game patches, with more on the coming, as well as new seasonal content.

Although it was only revealed today as part of Microsoft’s Free Play Days initiative, it has been free since yesterday and will remain so until 5 a.m. on Monday, January 10. The Free Play Days offer does not only feature Battlefield 2042. Star Renegades and The Sinking City are also free and heavily reduced on the Xbox store this weekend.

Battlefield 2042 is Free For Xbox Live Gold Subscribers till 10th January

Free Play Days is a Microsoft service that allows Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate customers to download chosen titles for free. The gamer can play as much of the game as they want after it’s downloaded until it’s removed from the service. Subscribers can purchase the title at a discounted price on the Microsoft Store for the duration of their ownership.

Battlefield 5 reportedly had more players over Christmas than Battlefield 2042, despite the fact that the previous game was released several years ago and received a poor reception upon release. Many people have criticized the game for not living up to the expectations set by some of the best Battlefield games, such as 3 and 4. Despite the fact that it was advertised as a return to the series’ modern era, it failed to impress and left many fans wanting more from DICE. DICE, on the other hand, isn’t giving up.

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