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Popular mobile game publisher, Netease Games released a brand new action shooter game named Badlanders. The game is most likely to be inspired from the Escape from Tarkov which is a popular game in PC and console. The game comes with a slight twist being a battle royale genre, the game focuses mainly on loot than survive. Players need to loot and must get out safely.


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The game starts with the 24 players spawned in a map just like the typical Battle Royale game, where each player need to loot and fight with enemies. There will be three escape points placed in the map which will open for some time in every few minutes. Players need to manage to escape from the map on time with their loot. The players can use that loot for exchanging the cash in the game market.

In this article we gonna review Badlanders, looking into all details of the game.

Starting with the graphics and performance of the game, if you have played battle royale games such as PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile then you will find familiar gameplay of Badlanders. The graphics are up to the standard where nothing is much to complain about the gameplay or graphics.

The major concern with the game is, On low-end devices, the game gives a little laggy experience. Due to this issue, sometimes players get frustrated in the situations in which players get killed for no reason. The concept of the Badlanders is different from the survival-based battle royale, here you have different choices and objectives to complete the match.


Image Credit: Badlanders

The idea of the virtual marketplace in the game is a fresh approach where you can exchange and sell the loot after the game. At last, one of the main reason to play the game is to make more in-game cash to buy the things. In Badlanders you play the matches with fear of losing things you have collected throughout the match. This concept is missing from the mobile platform.

If you have ever played any Netease developed games before, you will know that the publisher usually allows you to buy the in-game success by using real money. This can lead the players to use high-level gear in early games.

In the end, Badlanders is a different concept battle royale game where you can find similarities in the gameplay with the other battle royale games such as PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Free Fire. If you have ever played or watched Escape from Tarkov, then you will probably be intrigued by the mobile version of the game. You should try this game at least one time if you are a battle royale fan.

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