Asmongold on Twitch vs YouTube chat culture: “I think it sucks”


Asmongold on Twitch vs YouTube chat culture: “I think it sucks”- Twitch streamer Asmongold recently compared the chat culture between two competitive streaming platforms Twitch and YouTube. He talked about his own preference as he would undoubtedly go for YouTube if given the option to choose.

Asmongold on Twitch vs YouTube chat culture: “I think it sucks”

Asmongold is primarily known for his streaming games like World of Warcraft and others. He is also known for putting forth his opinions on various issues ranging from game related discussion to streaming. He also has a huge fan following of over 3.4 million on the purple platform.

On February 17, the co-founder of OTK brought up the subject during the first episode of the Steak and Eggs podcast, when he acknowledged that, given the choice, he would choose YouTube over Twitch. Asmon acknowledged that there were aspects of both websites that he liked and despised when the group started talking about the advantages and disadvantages of the two platforms, but he insisted that he actually “hates” the Twitch chat culture.

“If I had to pick one I had to do for the rest of my life, I would do YouTube,” he admitted. “To be honest, I hate Twitch culture,” he continued. “I think it sucks. ‘Oh, wow. This is a cool new joke. Let’s type it 400 times.’ And then, ‘Oh man, let’s [play] Marco Polo. You say this word, I say this emoticon. How clever and funny.'”

The streamer further elaborated on the nature of Twitch chats which sometimes end up controlling his streams. “There is a certain value on it. Like, have you ever had a cat, and you raise your arm up and the cat looks up at your arm? And you’re like, ‘I control you, b*tch.’ I can kinda feel that way whenever I’m doing my streams. Yeah, sure, but in general? I don’t know, man. There are so many weird things that people do on Twitch. It’s so weird.”

Asmongold holds opinions about issues which many streamers won’t be comfortable discussing. He uploads videos on YouTube too and thus gets a taste of both the platforms.

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