Asmongold and Hasan Abi react to Andrew Tate getting banned on Facebook and Instagram

Asmongold and Hasan Abi react to Andrew Tate getting banned on Facebook and Instagram

Asmongold and Hasan Abi react to Andrew Tate getting banned on Facebook and Instagram – Popular Twitch streamers including Asmongold and Hasan Abi share their take on the entire Andrew Tate debate. Following the ban of the internet personality and former professional kickboxer, Andrew Tate from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter over violating platform policies, the Internet has been raging over it. Opinions from popular Twitch streamers also reveal that there’s a lot of disliking brewing because of Tate’s comments towards women.

In recent months, Andrew Tate has dominated the internet with his divisive opinions, particularly in relation to his beliefs on women and their role in society. He has, though, denied any claims that he is ‘misogynistic’ and asserted that, rather, he is a ‘realist’. There have been allegations against Tate regarding the role his social media sites play in pushing anti-women content, which the Romanian police are investigating.

Following the discussion over this heated topic, Asmongold was quite clear that he disagrees with all of Tate’s claims. When asked to comment about this issue he said, “The only thing that I ever thought was problematic with Andrew Tate was just some of what he said about how to interact with women. You know, the implied removal of a women’s agency in a relationship as a goal. I dislike that a lot, and I think that’s really bad messaging, and I’m not a fan of that.”

Another popular streamer Hasan Abi lashed out at Tate for his constant controversial remarks against women. After getting banned from social media platforms, defending and denying those remarks enraged many, Hasan being one of them. Fans requested Hasan to share Tate’s interview on his live stream. Listening to Tate’s comments, Hasan was taken aback. “What the f**k! That’s so funny to say, dude. Yo, you do hate women you p***y. What do you mean? He does hate women,” he pointed out. 

For now, Tate is banned from all three social media platforms, infuriating many for the ‘sexist’ opinion that he holds. It is a matter of time to see how this issue pans out for the controversial figure.

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