Asian Games 2022 Featuring PUBG Mobile, LoL , Hearthstone Esports Might get Postponed

Asian Games 2022 Featuring PUBG Mobile Might get Postponed

The Asian Games are set to take place in China in 2022 in the Chinese city of Hangzhou, however, reports have surfaced that the event may be pushed back to next year. Fans of sports and esports will be disappointed by this news. This year’s version was expected to be a major benchmark for all future events, after becoming a successful demo event in the previous release. While the event cannot be cancelled, a one-year postponement would be inconvenient. Asian Games 2022 Postponed PUBG Mobile

The announcement comes while the host city of the Events, Hangzhou, and China’s largest city, Shanghai, are both experiencing ongoing lockdowns that would make the games difficult to host. Although the Olympic Council of Asia’s director-general Husain Al-Musallam indicated that “no formal decision has been reached” by the committee, there is a “possibility” that the games may be postponed. In September 2022, Hangzhou will host the Asian Games. Shanghai, approximately 200 kilometres from the site, is experiencing the country’s worst coronavirus outbreak in two years. The Asian Games venues have all been completed, according to the organisers. Asian Games 2022 Postponed PUBG Mobile

Shanghai, China’s largest city, has seen the country’s worst Covid outbreak in two years, with most of the city’s 25 million residents confined to their homes for weeks. The Games’ 56 competition sites have already been finished, according to Chinese organisers, who also promised to publish a virus-control plan modelled after the Winter Olympics. Hangzhou, which is less than 200 kilometres (124 miles) from Shanghai, will host the Games from September 10 to 25, becoming the third Chinese city to do so after Beijing and Guangzhou in 1990 and 2010.

Esports players from all of the participating countries were facing issues. League of Legends gamers pressured the management to design a new schedule for the summer split as soon as the tournament was announced so that players who would be representing their country at the Asian Games can also compete in the international championship event. The competition’s postponement could provide national leagues more time to prepare their national teams and adjust domestic tournament schedules to accommodate their players’ attendance at the Games.

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