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Apex Legends New Champion: All you need to Know About the New Champion Ash

Apex Legends New Champion: All you need to Know About the New Champion Ash

Apex Legends New Champion: All you need to Know About the New Champion Ash. Apex Legends has been released in 2019. And since its release, the game has been outstanding. The graphics, optimization, and everything about this game is unique. Moreover, the fact that the developers add new characters regularly makes the game more worth it. That said, the developers have again introduced a new character to the players.

Apex Legends New Champion: All you need to know about the latest character ASH

Apex Legends’ Latest Character is Ash. The latest character Ash is set to release with the new season of Apex Legends called Escape. Ash’s real name is Dr. Ashleigh Reid and she is a Simulacrum Pilot from Titanfall 2. Ash turned into a Simulacrum after she betrayed other scientists and git stabbed while doing so. Along with a new champion, there will be some new weapons like C.A.R. SMG as well.

Respawn has not yet revealed much info about the new character Ash. However, they confirmed that they will release more info on the topic when the new season comes closer. In the Trailer of Ash, we also saw an announcement in which Respawn confirmed that we will get a launch trailer for the new season on October 21.

The Titanfall franchise has been a part of Apex Legends for quite a time now. So it can be said that the players won’t be getting a sequel anytime soon. Moreover, the Community Coordinator of the game Titanfall said that Respawn was working on many games and did not have time to make a Titanfall Sequel.

That said, that’s all you need to know about the upcoming Champion Ash. More details will be released with time and we will be sure to inform you about them as well. Make sure that you play Apex Legends and experience some of the best gaming moments ever.

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