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Apex Legends Mobile: Olympus Map is being Tested in Apex Mobile China, See First Look here

Apex Legends Mobile

The global debut of Apex Legends Mobiles took place earlier this year. The battle royale mode, which developers have been teasing for some time now, is already known to players. Twelve games were tested by Respawn all throughout the world. There are only two created maps in the game, Worlds Edge and Kings Canyon. Olympus Map, however, is now being tested in Apex Mobile China, and it’s likely that we’ll be able to witness Olympus Map in season 3 of Apex Mobile China. Apex Legends Mobile Olympus Map

The PC version of Apex Legends’ seventh season saw the introduction of the map Olympus. It is a floating metropolis perched high above Psamathe, the planet that Octane and Lifeline call home. The new area is distinguished by its lush, man-made terrain and stylized vistas. Players can see a dangerous open area that displays the clouds below when playing on the two existing levels, World’s Edge and Kings Canyon, which both have tall, cliffside rocks. Apex Legends Mobile Olympus Map

Olympus might seem to offer a different experience from the other two maps, mostly because of the eye-catching dominance of the artificial environment and the vast space. The map is rumoured to debut in the global edition of Apex Legends Mobile fairly shortly after the Chinese version, according to the leaks.

Kings Canyon was made available to players during Apex Legends Mobile’s recent soft launch. Both the standard Battle Royale matches and the Ranked mode of play are supported. Players would be able to choose one of the three maps from which to play in the release of Olympus in Apex Mobile China, or it might be cycled frequently, exactly like it does in the TDM mode in multiplayer.

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