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Apex Legends Mobile New Legend ‘Revenant’: Check Out All His Abilities

Apex Legends Mobile New Legend 'Revenant': Check Out All His Abilities

Apex Legends Mobile New Legend ‘Revenant’: Check Out All His Abilities- Revenant, one of the strongest legends in Apex Legends is soon going to make his appearance in the Mobile Version of the game.  This is a very strong legend and is one of the most tactical legends ever. The abilities of Revenant suit those who like to ambush their enemies. His abilities are very unique and worth it in most situations. This article will tell you everything you need to know about this legend that Electronic Arts will give in the future.

Apex Legends Mobile New Legend ‘Revenant’: Check Out All His Abilities

Apex Legends has one of the best character developments ever. Each legend with different background also has different abilities making them useful in different situations. Here are the abilities of the character Revenant. He is a synthetic nightmare with an offensive nature. Revenant’s abilities can be the best if you like to rush in or ambush your enemies. Let’s take a look at all his abilities.

  • Tactical Ability – Silence: His Tactical ability is called Silence. The legend throws an orb that upon dealing damage also stops the enemies from using their abilities for 15 seconds. An interesting and strong tactical ability.
  • Passive Ability – Stalker His Passive ability called stalker lets him crouch fast and climb faster than other legends. This is an amazing ability if you want to flee from somewhere and the cooldown is only 1 second.
  • Ultimate Ability – Death Totem: His ultimate ability lets him release a totem that makes a shadow of the legend. If the shadow is damaged enough then it will teleport back to the death totem with the health the character had before.

These are all the abilities that you will see in the new character Revenant. This new character will most probably be coming into the game in the 3.5 updates. Nevertheless, make sure to check out this legend whenever it releases also make sure to stay tuned with us for more future updates.

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