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Apex Legends Mobile might be getting Solo Mode before PC and console

Apex Legends Mobile might be getting Solo Mode before PC and console

Apex Legends Mobile might be getting Solo Mode before PC and console- For several seasons now, Apex Legends players have been demanding the Solo mode on the PC, but sources suggest that mobile players may be the ones to get it first before the PC version. A recent leak has revealed that the mobile version will get Solo Mode before PC and console. 

The players have been requesting for adding  Solos to the current Duos and Trios format ever since Apex Legends launched on PC and console back in 2019. The developers of the game have responded by making it very obvious that this is not an option because the majority of the game’s Legends feature powers that depend on having teammates.

However, some players continue to believe that Solos on PC and console would provide a superior experience for those who want to play Apex alone by outweighing the drawbacks. 


The above icons are for solo, duos, and tris modes revealed by ThatOneGamingBot. Although the icon for this refers to both solos and duos, it doesn’t really support the idea that this is a reference to a solo mode LTM in Apex Legends Mobile. If it were an LTM, the icon would probably be different, but this one is simply a mixture. 

However, simply because something is possible does not guarantee that it will actually happen. In Apex Legends, icons can exist indefinitely without ever being used, despite the fact that it was only recently found. However, a solo mode in the mobile game might not be concerned with the same obstacles as the base game, which would probably annoy many Apex Legends fans.

It also has fewer characters, and given its current character count and ability modifications, a solo mode would probably be simpler to balance the game. Fans will just have to wait and see whether the solo mode will be included in Apex Legends Mobile or not.

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