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Apex Legends Mobile 2022 Recap: Things we have witnessed this year in the Battle Royale title

Apex Legends Mobile 2022 Recap: Things we have witnessed this year in the Battle Royale title

Apex Legends Mobile 2022 Recap: Things we have witnessed this year in the Battle Royale title – The strategy-based battle royale game Apex Legends was released for mobile devices on 17th May 2022 following the popularity of Respawn and Electronic Arts’ battle royale in 2019. Players can choose from a variety of characters with special powers to take down their opponents. Apart from the existing playable characters – ‘Legends’ on the PC version, the game has introduced many mobile-exclusive legends including Fade, and Rhapsody. Apex Legends Mobile also won Game of the Year 2022 for both iPhone and Android.

First and foremost, Apex Legends Mobile is a battle royale game. In the first eight months of 2022, Apex Legends Mobile is the fourth-ranked revenue-generating mobile gaming title published by Electronic Arts (EA).  Just six days after release, the game achieved the milestone of becoming the most downloaded iOS game in 60 countries, demonstrating how fresh content can grow a fanbase.

Apex Legends Mobile 2022 Recap: Things we have witnessed this year in the Battle Royale title

The game made 4.8 million in revenue in its first week after its release in May. It received the most significant portion of downloads from the USA with 6.2 million. At the same time, Brazil ranked second with 2.2 million and Japan third with 1.9 million downloads. It has more than 25 million downloads worldwide.

Before being dropped onto a map, you and your teammates choose from a list of “legends,” or heroic figures. You must loot supplies and weapons, evade the growing energy wall that gradually herds teams into a small area, and be the last team standing to win. Beyond battle royale, the game has two modes: arenas and team deathmatch. 

Players can earn rewards in Apex Legends Mobile in a number of ways. Battle pass daily and weekly tasks, player level advancement via gameplay experience points, cosmetic legend and weapon unlocking Apex Packs, and the perk system are all available to help you advance in both the free and premium tiers of a battle pass. Additionally, there are time-limited events and challenges which also enable players to earn free rewards. 

Each season comes with its specific themes and seasonal currencies. Currencies can be bought using real money or can be earned by completing in-game missions, which gives players the chance to obtain cosmetic bundles, frames, holo sprays, and more. The game receives a mid-seasonal update in addition to seasonal updates. It has stepped into its currently ongoing 3rd season, with the split season 3.5 introducing legend Revenant to the game. 

In the Best Game and Best Game (Users’ Choice) categories of the Google Play Best of 2022 Awards, Apex Legends Mobile triumphed over strong competitors like Diablo Immortal and Rocket League Sideswipe. The game also won Apple’s iPhone Game of the Year at the 2022 App Store Awards, joining other winners like Australian blockbuster Wylde Flowers for Apple Arcade Game of the Year. To celebrate an incredible success, the developers of the game have launched a special event for its player base titled “We Are The Champions” where players can receive amazing free rewards.

Both professional and amateur players can enjoy an engaging shooter experience with Apex Legends Mobile. The game has a dedicated player base focused on experiencing the best out of the title. They give regular suggestions to developers for a better and smoother gaming experience. As of now, there are only two maps World’s Edge and Kings Canyon as of now with a soon-to-be-added ‘Olympus’ map in the game. Additionally, the developers of the game are striving hard to bring about new features and mobile-exclusive legends for future seasons starting in the year 2023. 

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