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Apex Legends got Hacked to Protest against Hackers in “TitanFall” game, Players unable to do Matchmaking

Apex Legends got Hacked to Protest against Hackers in "TitanFall" game
Apex Legends got Hacked to Protest against Hackers in "TitanFall" game

Apex Legends got Hacked to Protest against Hackers in the “TitanFall” game, Players unable to do Matchmaking: Apex Legends was hacked yesterday by people who believe Respawn hasn’t done enough to combat hackers in its first game, Titanfall. On PC, some Apex Legends players realized that their in-game playlists and alerts had been hacked, with text complaining about Titanfall hackers replacing them. Anyone who is hacked will receive continual messages referring them to the hackers’ website and will not be able to queue for any game mode.

Players who witnessed the hack were unable to queue for any game mode other than the one where the message was displayed. Both PC and PS4 lobbies had evidence of the hack, according to PC Gamer.

According to Apex Legends News on Twitter, the breach is largely PC-only, while some Xbox users have reportedly seen the message in-game as well. The hackers are enraged by recent DDoS attacks on the Titanfall games, despite the fact that the website claims that the games have been hacked for three years and that they are “unplayable.”

RESPAWN Response on Apex Legends Hacking incident

Respawn- the makers of Apex Legends stated that Due to a hacker assault, Respawn Entertainment has fixed all matchmaking issues in Apex Legends’ Battle Royale. This was announced on Twitter by team representatives. There was no risk to consumers’ personal data, according to the developers.

About Titanfall

Titanfall is a video game franchise that focuses on first-person shooters. Respawn Entertainment created the series, which began as an Xbox exclusive and has now spread to other systems and platforms. On PC and Xbox One, this multiplayer sci-fi first-person shooter was published in March 2014. The game has an average rating of 86 out of 100 from critics and 6.3 out of 10 from users on the review aggregate Metacritic.

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