Andrew Tate dismisses ‘human trafficking’ allegations as fake: “ I suffered from a case of swatting”

Andrew Tate dismisses ‘human trafficking’ allegations as fake: “ I suffered from a case of swatting”

Andrew Tate dismisses ‘human trafficking’ allegations as fake: The name that is most heard in recent times on the Internet is that of Andrew Tate. The various allegations and controversies surrounding him have taken an ugly shape, with him facing bans from multiple social media platforms. However, recently Andrew Tate appeared on Fox News to address the matter and the accusations against him. The accusation of human trafficking against him, according to him, stems from a swatting event that happened in Romania.

The reason behind his ban across social media platforms is due to the violation of content policies. But the allegations of human trafficking, as Tate mentions are a result of online trolls which made the police suspicious of starting an investigation against him. During his interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox Nation, he recalled a few significant details pertaining to the alleged swatting incident. “I was not arrested. What happened is I suffered from a case of swatting. It’s very popular with people who are largely on the internet.”

“It’s where you call the police and you say somebody has a gun or there’s a hostage situation, and the SWAT team arrives. Somebody made a phone call to the American Embassy saying I was holding women at my house,” Tate explained.

“….[Police] turned up, they investigated, they realized nobody was in the house against their will, there was no crime committed […]. They said “okay you’re not a suspect, but you’re a witness to this,” along with me, my brother, the housekeeper, the gardener, and everybody on the premises was labeled a witness. We had to go to the police station for 45 minutes for pieces of paper, we filled them in and we were let go.” Tate also talked about the multiple bans from social media platforms and pointed out, “I don’t know if they all follow each other if they’re all influenced by each other, I don’t know if there is someone above them all. 

Judging by the current situation the cards have turned against Tate. Keeping aside the allegations and trolls, his sexist and misogynistic take on women is the primary reason why netizens are despising him. 

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