An Aging problem in the Indian Cricket team

Indian Cricket team

The fandom of the Indian cricket team is quite Huge, and There is no doubt that although cricket was born in England, Indians play an effective and prominent role in raising it. By the time, cricket was regarded as the mandatory sport in state schools in India and was even practiced on a national level to flourish the skills of the newcomers. Moreover, a boost in excitement among the cricket fans during the matches has been observed and has brought a massive consideration among the authorities. Such regard had even convinced a huge crowd and the game is taken so seriously that people bet on cricket online from India.

But over the period, there are some core concerns that are highly ignored by the BCCI (Board of Control of Cricket in India ) that are the Aging problem in the Indian Cricket Team. The concern was earlier raised by Virender Sehwag in 2016. Who lashed out at the selectors for keeping minimal room for youngsters in the International team and playing the strategy of Power play and selecting under the influence of power. But it was not bought into a primary consideration by the authorities then as the cricket industry is evolving and facing the consequences from the U-16 and U-19 players for not giving them a considerable position in the National team. And regarding the overaged players grab the positions, the Majority of players in the Indian national team are in their late 30’s and don’t wish to retire for the following reasons.

Emotional Connection with the Field:

M.S Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar are enough names to glorify the Indian national team. They have an addiction to the field to the extent that compelled them to delay their retirement. Tendulkar, on the one hand, wanted to set a record before taking a retirement, while Dhoni was not out of his Captaincy zone till 2020.

Popularity Among Fans

There is no doubt over the fact that Indian cricketers have a wand to attract fans. Whose love is to the extent that even the cricketers can’t get over it? Kapil Dev, Navjot Singh Siddhu, Ajay Jadeja, and Sunil Gavaskar’s popularity had compelled them to serve the field to date even after decades of retirement. But contemporary cricketers fear losing such popularity the moment they sign their retirement.

Financial Conditions

Financial conditions post-retirement can be the core reason for the players to bring into their primary consideration. All that glitter is gold is the phrase that is highly followed by the players in the Indian national team. Brand Endorsements and wages per play had compelled them to strengthen their feet into the ground so that their luxurious life could not be majorly affected.

Apart from this, there are various cons that are faced for not getting the retirement or analyzing the core importance of the aging problem in the Cricket Team. That being

Lacking in Performance 

Increasing age is the most common factor for lacking performance in the field. Indian cricket players have a sufficient running speed between the wickets affected with an enormous difference. Majorly a difference is observed to be affected by 4-6 sec extent between a single pitch run. Moreover, other factors that hold a high impact on the players with low immune and greater age can be the reason for a failure or lack in achieving the target. Sunstroke, Dehydration, and plunge in Stamina are the most profound factors.

Superior Complexity

Lacking in performance could be the one factor, but it gives rise to many more. South Asians hold a psychology of superiority complex, and single command could tarnish their Dominance in the field. Similar to the situation, if you lack in performance, you might gear yourself up with numerous criticism, be it you dropping the catch, not managing to complete a run trip, or body hit. The momentum could lead your teammates to put you into massive complexities, and you should bear it with confidence rather than being possessive over your seniority.


Rasikh Salam, a seventeen-year-old pacer from Jammu and Kashmir, was banned by the BCCI for age fudging and submitting a faulty birth certificate. As per the cricket experts, the bowling style he performed was more mature than for the category (U-19 ) he was playing. This brought him into the spotlight of interrogation, and it turned out to be faulty. Such a scenario has given rise to another argument of age fudging in the Indian team, and there is no particular set by the national team for the retirement which allows the players to take a grasp of the room for a lengthy period.

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