Amouranth Shocked Fans by Announcing Her New Lover but Here is Twist

Amouranth Shocked Fans by Announcing Her New Lover but Here is Twist

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa, a Twitch star, shocked fans by announcing her new “lover,” whom she met while in LA for The Streamer Awards, and who is truly quite the catch. Because of her celebrity, the OF model and Twitch star has been able to take advantage of numerous business opportunities that have embraced her trollish persona to some extent, like putting up suggestive billboards in LA and creating a music video. Now, during a March 18 show, the streamer has taken her trolling to a new level by teasing her audience with a surprise lover reveal. Amouranth Boyfriend

Amouranth posted on Twitch in the early hours of March 18 that she would be revealing her new lover, whom she met in Los Angeles, on an upcoming stream. It came out that it wasn’t her lover or even a genuine person she was displaying—it was her new mannequin. She then proceeded with the joke, stating, “Stop staring at my boyfriend… “He’s my man,” I say. Amouranth Boyfriend

Amouranth appears to be utilising it to write the names of viewers on it from time to time, referring to this person as their partner. “They’ll be the new boyfriend,” Amouranth states as a result of this. They’ll be replaced on a regular basis. I’ll sign it with your name.”

Given how frequently Amouranth creates new meta on Twitch, it’s not surprising to see her adopt a new way for her fans to engage. It remains to be seen whether more streamers on the platform find “boyfriends” of their own. It’ll be anyone’s guess as to what Amouranth will do next when she moves on from this. Amouranth has released a music video in addition to the aforementioned commercial pursuits. It seems that with Amouranth, it’s wise to expect the unexpected, but for now, it appears that fans will be having a little fun with a mannequin in her feeds.

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