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Airtel 5G is set to launch Cloud gaming Mobile in India

Airtel 5G is set to launch Cloud gaming Mobile in India

Airtel 5G is set to launch Cloud gaming Mobile in India. Airtel 5G to launch cloud gaming on mobile in India. The most exciting of its features is that players can play a game without downloading it on their device. A year ago Airtel revealed a successful test trial of a 5G network over 4G that was conducted in Hyderabad. Soon after Airtel also partnered with some of the companies like Nokia and Ericsson for test trials.

Cloud gaming, also called gaming on-demand or gaming-as-a-service is a type of online gaming that runs video games on remote servers and streams them directly to the user’s device or plays a game remotely from a cloud. With the help of 5G, it will also allow the players to experience low latency gameplay. With the help of a 5G network entity, cloud gaming can become the “new normal” as the players can experience high-end consoles like gaming on smartphones.

CTO of Bharti Airtel Randeep Sekhon said,” Cloud gaming will be one of the biggest use cases of 5G thanks to the combination of high speed and low latency. After delivering India’s first 5G demo over a test network, we are thrilled to conduct this exciting 5G gaming session. Imagine enjoying real-time gaming with someone sitting in another part of the world. This is just the beginning of an exciting digital future that Airtel will enable for its customers as we prepare to roll out 5G in India” and also Airtel Chairman Sunil Bharti Mittal said that 5G would start by the second half of 2022 in India.

Airtel partnered with Mortal and Mamba for 5G Gaming Experience

Airtel invited two famous Indian gamers for the 5G cloud gaming demonstration – Naman Mathur and Salman Ahmad widely known as Mortal and Mamba. The test trial was conducted in Haryana and Manesar including a High capacity spectrum band of 3500 MHz. They conducted the trial on a famous mobile racing game Asphalt 9 Legends, which they played on the 5G enabled device – OnePlus 9R.

We were totally blown away. This was a high-end PC and console-quality gaming experience on a smartphone. We can say with confidence that 5G will truly unlock the online gaming scene in India and massify by creating opportunities to build and publish games out of India and bringing a lot of talented gamers from small towns to the mainstream. Thank you, Airtel for giving us this wonderful opportunity” shared Mortal and Mamba about the Airtel 5G gaming experience.

Note: Airtel revealed that the delivered speeds of the tests will be excess of 1Gb/s and latency will be less than the range of 10 milliseconds. They also shared that their target is to make cloud gaming more available worldwide on smartphones with the help of 5G High speed. But players should make sure that they use the latest requirements to play the new gaming titles via cloud gaming.

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