Adin Ross demands Twitch ban Hot Tub Streams; “ It’s feeding their addiction”


Adin Ross demands Twitch ban Hot Tub Streams: Twitch streamer Adin Ross made statements regarding the popular streaming category ‘Hot tub meta’, which according to him is inappropriate and should be banned. Adin Ross provided a harsh critique of the streamers that broadcast while in hot tubs or swimming pools while discussing it on stream. Adin also made the comparison between the category and gambling because both encourage addiction and create poison. He has spoken out against them and demanded that Twitch permanently ban hot tub streams.

“Hot tub meta” is a trend on Twitch where streamers host sessions where they relax in hot tubs while playing games or interacting with viewers. These streams often feature adult content and have been criticized for being inappropriate for the platform. Twitch streaming stars like Amouranth and others kickstarted their career growth with the meta.

Adin Ross demands Twitch ban Hot Tub Streams; “ It’s feeding their addiction”

Adin Ross admitted, “I’m gonna flat out and say it, bro, I don’t know how many people are gonna back me on this. Twitch, I believe heavily, you know I saw one person lose a lot of money to gambling, you guys banned gambling, and you guys moved on quickly. I think we have a problem with Twitch, I think there are the hot tub streams bro, I think it should be banned from Twitch.”

“It’s soft p*rn. It’s a portal to OnlyFans. And it’s in the same category as gambling right because it’s promoting poison to the brain and it’s making people addicted too, it’s feeding their addiction to j**king off, which is a serious problem we have”, he added.

Some people argue that these streams are not appropriate for Twitch, which is primarily a gaming platform, and that they should be banned. Others argue that the platform should be more open to different types of content and that streamers should be free to choose what they want to stream. It is unclear if Twitch will take action in response to these calls to ban hot tub streams.

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