Adin Ross becomes the most watched Kick streamer of Q1 2023, Check top Kick Streamers here


Adin Ross becomes the most watched Kick streamer of Q1 2023, Check top Kick Streamers here- With the growth of new streaming platform Kick, Stream Charts published results of which Kick categories and broadcasts received the most viewers during the first quarter of 2023.

After holding the top spot in the market for almost ten years, Twitch’s dominance was eventually challenged by other platforms due to the eventual expansion of the streaming sector and internal issues with monetization, income splitting, and privacy. Many content creators choose to join Kick because of the promise of better streamer income potential, more privacy options, and a focus on developing a close-knit community. And this resulted in Kick’s rise in prominence in the streaming industry.

Adin Ross becomes the most watched Kick streamer of Q1 2023, Check top Kick Streamers here

The American streamer Adin Ross’ channel received the most views on the Kick platform during the first quarter of 2023. He gained more than 7.6M hours of viewing in three months, primarily in the Just Chatting category.

After switching from Twitch, in less than a week, the streamer had accumulated over 77k followers. Additionally, Adin Ross is ranked first among Peak Viewers. His highest watched broadcast received 125.1k viewers. This occurred just before the Kick mobile app launched in early March.

Moving forward in the list of most watched streamers on Kick during the first quarter of 2023, Roshtein and Trainwreck ranked second and third gaining 6.5M and 3M watch hours respectively. The Swedish gambling streamer Roshtein with his high-voltage comments and unwavering excitement, has advanced to become the second-most streamer on Kick.

And who isn’t familiar with Kick’s of the oldest streamer Trainwreck known primarily for his gambling streams. This rise in popularity is a result of Twitch’s restriction on gambling streams, which Kick wasn’t putting a limit on. Other notable names in the list are Streamers Evelone, Niter, Mellystroy and others.

Grand Theft Auto V was the platform’s most played game, with most streams originating from RP servers. Additionally, Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Valorant streams are popular among Kick viewers. This is just the beginning for a platform like Kick as lesser restrictions on a platform might draw more streamers and viewers.

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