Adin Ross alleges that Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed turns down Kick deal worth $40 million 

Adin Ross alleges that Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed turns down Kick deal worth $40 million 

Adin Ross alleges that Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed turns down Kick deal worth $40 million- Rumours of Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed moving to Kick were all-time high these few months. Controversial Kick streamer Adin Ross revealed Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed allegedly declined an offer from Kick to “come to Kick” worth $40 million.

For a time now, streaming has been the internet’s most popular form of entertainment, and the market is still expanding. With millions of followers on websites like Twitch and YouTube, broadcasters are attractive targets for companies interested in celebrity marketing.

Adin Ross alleges that Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed turns down Kick deal worth $40 million

While Twitch has consistently been the platform of choice for live streaming, the competition has been heating up. With Rumble signing Kai Cenat & IShowSpeed for an exclusive show, YouTube streaming growing in popularity, and other alternatives appearing, Twitch may need to defend its share of the market.

“I’m hurt, I wanted Kai and Speed on Kick, I’m going, to be honest. We originally offered Kai and Speed 40 million, I think Kai was 40 million and Speed was 40 million, they said no, but I don’t know what Rumble offered,” said Adin about Cenat & Speed’s deal with Rumble.

Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed’s choice to use Rumble as opposed to Kick, according to Adin Ross, “hurt” him. He continued by saying that the two online sensations were refused a $40 million contract from the Trainwreck-backed platform.

Adin Ross complimented Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed a while ago on their choice to do a show to Rumble.

He asserted that content producers can now secure contracts akin to those in the NBA: “The fact that streamers are in a position now to be signing f**king… NBA-type f**king deals are crazy, bro! Like… clap, bro! Just clap, bro. Everyone is f**king getting paid and deserving of that s**t. That’s first of all. Everyone is getting f**king paid! You know what I’m saying? Because… you know, that’s really f**king awesome, people getting paid for their work and s**t.

However, this doesn’t imply that rumours of creators switching to Kick will come to a halt. Recently, xQc mentioned that he believes Twitch allowed Kai Cenat to evade bans that other creators may not have avoided.

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