A Beginner’s Guide to E-sports Betting in India


Gaming has come a long way from being just a hobby in the lives of people. Now it’s an e-sport and people from all over the world can compete against each other in various tournaments and games. E-sports and gaming are popular with Indian gamers.

Indians make up a huge portion of gamers in the world, and watching e-sports events is one of their hobbies. These events come with lots of spectators and some of them enjoy betting on such events which is why online sportsbooks offer e-sports betting options.

Sites like BettingGuide will offer all sorts of sites as well as tips for those new to e-sports betting. This is the purpose of this article and it will show you the various factors to consider when placing a bet.

The Most Popular Games

There are several popular games featured in e-sports and you’ll be familiar with them as you probably play them in your free time. Most Indian gamers enjoy a bit of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as this is a game that puts you in one of 2 teams and gives you an objective.

There are several maps that players can compete on. In short, you can win a game by shooting all the opponents, planting or defusing the bomb, or rescuing some hostages. Another game that’s enjoyed by millions is League of Legends.

It’s a game where you and your teammates pick out heroes from a large selection and play against the other team. Both of you have bases that you’re looking to destroy to win a game. You will have minions and towers slowing you down and the occasional enemy lurking in the forest.

DOTA 2 is pretty similar to League of Legends, the first DOTA game inspired League of Legends. Fortnite is another popular game where players play solo or in teams and shoot each other. They’re dropped with a parachute to the map and look for weapons as they move throughout the map. Call of Duty, FIFA, Hearthstone StarCraft II, and others are also popular games you’ll see in e-sports tournaments.

Some E-sports Tournaments

Just like with the games, there are some popular e-sports tournaments. The Fortnite World Cup is one of them and it focuses on the game mentioned in the name of the tournament. Another popular tournament is ESL Pro League which focuses on Counter-Strike and you’ve also got the international which focuses on DOTA 2.

E-sports Betting Variants

Just like with betting on sports, when you’re placing bets on e-sports you will have multiple options. One of them is betting on the outright winner of an entire tournament. Alternatively, you can go for match odds bets that will let you bet on the potential winner of a single match or matches if you go for multiple such bets. You can even get handicap bets which give an advantage to the underdog, for example, to win by 2 maps or rounds. Finally, you’ve got the over and under bets which let you bet on specific results or objectives of matches.

E-sports Streams

When it comes to streaming e-sports events you can watch such streams mainly on Twitch and YouTube. Besides them, some TV channels also stream e-sports tournaments. However, Twitch and YouTube are your best bets.


E-sports betting is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. With this information, you’ve got the basics under your belt and you are ready to take on e-sports betting in India. Just make sure to do some research on the teams and players before making bets as this can also help you make informed bets and increase your chances of success.

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