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A 13 Year Boy got Scammed Rs 2.2 Million of his Mother Money Because of Gaming Addiction

A 13 Year Boy got Scammed Rs 2.2 Million of his Mother Money Because of Gaming Addiction
A 13 Year Boy got Scammed Rs 2.2 Million of his Mother Money Because of Gaming Addiction

A 13-year-old boy’s online gaming addiction costs his mother a lot of money, After online hackers syphoned off almost Rs 22 lakh from his checking account. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the child used to play online games during online lessons when the schools were closed. This was brought to light when his mother went to the bank to upgrade his passbook. She was taken aback when she learned about the unidentified withdrawal from her account that she didn’t make.

Amandeep Kaur immediately contacted the financial institution’s administrators, who advised her to file a complaint with the police. Town police arrested four West Bengal residents for extortion and fraud after a preliminary investigation by the cybercrime and forensic section. Additional investigations were underway, according to the police, and efforts were being made to apprehend the culprits.

She stated that approximately Rs 22 lakhs had been transferred from her account to several checking accounts and digital cost wallets.

During an initial investigation, it was determined that her older son, Navpreet Singh (13), used to take online classes. He was in the habit of playing multiplayer online video games. As he used to deposit his tuition fees on-line, he was well aware of passwords and checking account information. Amandeep had no idea how to make money on the internet

Navpreet told her that he searched YouTube for additional features and found a gaming channel operator named Aditya who demanded Rs 8,000 in exchange for producing a gaming ID. Aditya did not generate a gaming ID despite making the payment. When Navpreet demanded his money back, the accused threatened to tell his parents about it. Navreet made payments on several occasions and transferred Rs 22 lakhs to a private bank account and a digital wallet, fearful of the suspects’ threats.

This incident is neither new nor one of a kind, In an unusual event, a Punjabi kid paid Rs 16 lakh on the famous battle royale game PUBG through in-app purchases. The 17-year-old used his parents’ money to purchase in-game cosmetics, artillery, tournament passes, and virtual ammunition. The money was placed aside as a savings account for the Kharar-based boy’s father’s medical costs, according to his parents.

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