3 Reasons to Get Excited about the DevNet Credentials and Why You Need Cisco Certified DevNet Associate Certification


If you’ve been following the most recent tech news, you may already know that a rapid digital revolution is happening around the world right now, with many companies craving agility, innovation, and market growth. What does that mean to your career? Well, it only reinforces the need to stay abreast of the current and emerging technologies. The intermediate-level Cisco certbolt  Associate certification will be an excellent starting point if you wish to maximize this opportunity. It is exactly what you need to become a competent developer and secure your long-term IT career.

In this guide, find out the crucial details of the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate credential and why you need to go for the certbolt certification path in the first place.

The Value of the Cisco DevNet Certification Path

The Cisco DevNet certification program is designed for Software Developers, Automation Specialists, DevOps Engineers, and other software professionals. It verifies the core emerging technical skills of the individuals who want to empower their organizations through leveraging the potential of automation, applications, and infrastructure for the network, Internet of Things (IoT), Webex, and certbolt. Here are the top 3 reasons you should be excited about the Cisco DevNet certification program:

  1. Helps You Become More Innovative Through Automation

APIs and infrastructure as code are important components of the certbolt training and certification program. The knowledge in this field helps you streamline application delivery and perform other tasks as a modern developer. If you automate everything from testing to the actual development or service implementation, you reduce the potential downtime while delivering quality solutions.

  1. Helps You Attract New Career Opportunities

The certbolt certification path is meant for anyone keen to harness the power of technology. Consequently, it helps individuals validate their invaluable software and network automation skills. In doing so, you get ready for new developments in information technology, no matter how rapidly the industry evolves. That’s all you need to attract new roles, including the following:

  • Software Developer
  • Network Automation Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  1. DevNet Includes Newer Technologies

They say learning never stops. And the saying couldn’t be more appropriate for the IT world. For example, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the new name for anyone seeking to build secure and highly scalable networks. Cisco includes such concepts in its DevNet certification program. It is estimated that there are about 22 billion connected IoT devices in the world. And Cisco DevNet gives you a chance to get certified in a rapidly expanding area, perfectly positioning you for new roles with hefty salary packages.

Getting Ahead with the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate Certification

The certbolt certification is intended for candidates who plan to start a career in network automation, though it requires from them to have a minimum of one or more years of experience in developing apps running on Cisco platforms. It verifies a candidate’s ability to work with the Cisco platforms, APIs, programmability strategy, and applications. Think of this certification as the first step to specializing in the DevNet certification path. And to do so, you must attempt and pass the required exam, Cisco 200-901 DEVASC (Developing Applications and Automating Workflows using Cisco Platforms). This is a 120-minute test available in English and Japanese languages. It costs about $300 per attempt and can be scheduled through the Cisco official website.

The Bottom Line

If you are intrigued by emerging technologies and want to leave your mark in this field, the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification can help. It is a valuable path that equips you with in-demand IT skills. Even better, it only requires success in one exam, Cisco 200-901. Grab this opportunity today and become a competent network automation professional without breaking a sweat.

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