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2022 LCK Summer Awards: Check out the winners who have performed exceptionally this season

2022 Summer LCK Awards: Check out the winners who have performed exceptionally this season

Here are the winners of the 2022 LCK Summer Awards – The group stage of the 2022 LCK Summer split has ended. Before the playoffs stage starts tomorrow, LCK has listed some awards and named the winners of each category. Let us take a closer look at the list revealed.

2022 LCK Summer Awards: All-LCK Teams

The All-LCK team list consists of players that have shined in their respective in-game roles. Here are the top three teams that have been selected.

  1. All-LCK First Team: Zeus from T1; Peanut, Chovy, Ruler, and Lehends from Gen.G
  2. All-LCK Second Team: Doran from Gen.G; Oner, Faker, and Keria from T1; Prince from Liiv SANDBOX
  3. All-LCK Third Team: Rascal and Aiming from KT; Croco, Clozer, and Kael from Liiv SANDBOX

All the players selected for these teams are from teams that have qualified for the upcoming 2022 LCK Summer playoffs.

Regular Season MVP

This award is given to the most consistent and dominating player of the LCK regular season. Hence, it was not surprising that Ruler, the AD Carry from Gen.G was the winner in this category. He has helped his team cruise over easy matches as well as take them out of challenging situations. He is one of the key reasons that Gen.G had a spectacular run this season.

2022 LCK Summer Awards: Rookie of the Year

Vicla has also earned his spot as the Rookie of the Year. Out of all the mid-laners, KT’s Vicla has the highest average of assists per game in the regular season. It shows the crucial role he played in teamfights, being one of the reasons KT was able to qualify for the playoffs.

Coach of the Year

Gen.G’s Score has been selected as the Coach of the Year. His team’s drafting phase has been a cut above the rest, helping them gain an advantage even before the matches had begun. He has played a key role in Gen.G’s dominating performance in the 2022 LCK Summer group stage.

2022 LCK Summer Awards: Player of the Split (POG Point Leader)

The award for the Player of the Split has been earned by two players this time. They are Ruler from Gen.G and Prince from Liiv SANDBOX. Both AD carries have showcased exceptional performances in their lanes. They have also helped their teams overcome tough moments to register victories.

These were the categories and the respective winners of the 2022 Summer LCK Awards. Stay tuned with us to get more such latest updates and news from the League of Legends scene.

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