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100 Thieves becomes the champions of LCS for the first time defeating Team Liquid in Finals

100 Thieves becomes the champions of LCS for the first time defeating Team Liquid in Finals

After European MAD Lions win in LEC, there was more excellent news from North America. We have our winners of the LCS Championship finals, the 100 Thieves squad, led by Turkish jungler Can”Closer”elik, were crowned as champions. 100T won the first LCS winner in its history after defeating Team Liquid, one of the league’s most rooted teams, 3-0 in the final.

100 Thieves had a fantastic league stage, having one of their best seasons ever. 100T finished the regular season in second place, one of the two clubs in the league with the most wins. During the regular season, Closer was selected MVP in nine games. In 2021, 100 Thieves won 29 games out of 45 games played by them. 100 Thieves progressed to the LCS final for the second time in their history, ensuring that they will begin the 2021 World Championship from the group stage.

100 Thieves won the first match and moved to the upper group final after earning the chance to start the LCS Championship from the semi-finals after finishing second in the league. After losing 3-2 against Team Liquid, 100T was relegated to the lower division. Last week, defending champion Cloud9 faced 100 Thieves in the sub-group final after defeating TSM and advancing to the sub-group finals, ensuring their spot in the 2021 World Championship. Cloud9 finished third in the 2021 LCS Championship after failing to prevent a 3-1 defeat. Cloud9 will get $30,000 in prize money and will compete at Worlds 2021 as a qualifier.

Both teams arrived in the arena to compete for the LCS Cup. The series was expected to be won by Team Liquid by LCS commentators. However, things took a turn for the worst. The five-game championship series was won in three games by 100 Thieves. For the first time in the LCS’ history, 100 Thieves won the championship with a 3-0 net score. Closer was declared the mvp player in the LCS Championship after he managed to become the most talked-about name in North America.

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